If you have th elarge and well treated backyard, you can try to hold yourTambah Baru wedding in your backyard. How is the way to do it? you just need to add some decorations in it and do not forget to add the chairs and everything for your wedding. Backyard wedding decorations is one of the simple example of the wedding celebration. You do not need to rent a place and you also do not need to move anywhere and get trapped in the traffic jam. What are you waiting for?
Backyard Wedding Decorations
Backyard wedding decorations can be made by flowers. You can arrange the flowers in your backyard to be the gate for your wedding. You also can use the plants and make it as your centerpiece. Anything you can do is use anthing in your backyard. Make sure you do not miss the sun because the clue to hold the wedding outdoor is by make sure the weather is shiny.
Backyard wedding decorations should simple. It is because of you will get exhausted after the wedding. Therefore, to manage your energy, you need to find the simple wedding theme. If it is possible, you do not need to wear the special gown and luxurious makeup. For the invitations, you can have the great one. You can use the unique motif for it. You can use the maple leaves as the motive and put the color of the real maple in it. It would be the great color. If you want to be different, why you do not try to have the rainbow on your wedding? How about to starting the wedding color from its invitation?

A customisable one-sided rustic wedding invitation with a flag banner and oak tree design printed on heavy off-white card stock. {Available from: Paper Grey in California, US at $2.25 USD} | (Above Right) Inspired by New York, this cool letterpress rustic wedding invite features grey and teal colours and the awesome feeling of letterpress pressed on cotton card stock, which allows one to see and feel the design. This rustic wedding invitation has a Vellum Overlay and a romantic photo of the engaged couple beneath.